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The Malford Players’ will be featured on Christion Malford Community Radio this Friday the 3rd of July. We will be celebrating in advance the reopening of the pubs on 4th July with a collection of incredibly amusing comedy sketches. So join us at 8pm on 3rd July on the CMCR link for some music, humour and scintilating chat from your host John Coller and his special guest Sharon Hunt.



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We've read the first two plays. Flat Spin needs a relatively small cast and has some production challenges but is achievable and would be fun to do.

Arturo UI took about 2.25 hours to read, so with business we're looking at 2.5 to 2.75 hours. Given the large cast, even with females in male roles and a change of time period, it is not looking terribly practical. It's a great play and fun to read, though.

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Following our final reading of the Government Inspector on Sunday we reached the unanimous decision to select the first play that we read as our autumn play. We will be performing Alan Ayckbourn's Flat Spin from the 22nd to the 24th November at Christian Malford Village Hall. Watch this site for more details.


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